Autism Awareness Resources

The month of April is Autism Awareness Month. Our students have been participating in a lesson  (Educational Toolkit released by an organization called “Autism Speaks”) that provides students with information about students with autism.  We are also going to participate in the Puzzle Piece Project which was created by “Autism Speaks”. The lessons cite an activity where the students will design a puzzle piece to show how we are all different. CES is putting its own spin on this activity and instead of creating a class puzzle with all the pieces, we will create a school wide “puzzle” which will cover the front hallway on the first week of school next year (2018-2019). The quote will read “What you see is just a piece of who we are”.

More information for students is available in the following videos:

Primary grades:
“I Am Me” poem  (1 min)

"Sesame Street: Meet Julia” (10 mins) 

Primary or Intermediate grades:
“What’s up with Nick?” (3 mins)

Intermediate grades:
“Intro to Autism for Kids”
(7 mins)