Pearson Success Net

Pearson SuccessThe site address: The address for the Pearson Success Net is

If the log on fails: There are 3 possible screens that might come up if the log on fails. If you get a screen with red Xs, the username or password were entered incorrectly and you should read the following "Log on issues". If you get a message that says there are no available products, please contact right away to have this issue resolved. If your navigation timed out (the message about the web site not being able to be displayed) you will need to close your internet browser and start the process over again.

Log on issues: Each student has a username that will be given to them on the letter that was sent home. A typical username will contain 3 letters and 3 numbers. The letters must be entered in the system as CAPTIALS and the zero's in the last 3 digits of the username are zeros as opposed to the letter O. The password for all students in Baltimore County is the same, it is "bcpsmath" which must be entered as all lower case letters.

Activities will not work: Most of the activities on the web site require the latest version of the free shockwave player. You can go to the Adobe Shockwave Download site and install that program on your computer in order to access many of the SuccessNet features.