Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Baltimore County Public Schools offers many educational opportunities to prepare its students to be good, smart, creative, and productive citizens and lifelong learners. The academic, career, social, and emotional needs of all students are best met when there is cooperation and support among the school staff, all students, and parents. This Student Handbook was designed to help students understand their rights, responsibilities, and behavioral expectations so that they can enjoy learning in safe and orderly environments. 

Positive behavior in the school is extremely important to the maintenance of safe and orderly learning environments for all students. Positive behavior displayed in school increases the chances that students will reach expected outcomes.

Each school develops its own routines, regulations, procedures, and expectations for student conduct based on the school system’s Student Code of Conduct. Several different strategies may be used by school staff members to teach, practice, and reinforce the schoolwide code of conduct, rules, and expectations for student behavior. In maintaining positive behavior, each student is expected to adhere to the school’s code of conduct; to follow all routines, regulations, and procedures included in the school’s positive behavior plan; and to behave appropriately (Board of Education Policies and Superintendent’s Rules 5500 and 5510).

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